Denby Hill (SCA Representative)

Hometown:Talbot VIC

Denby currently works as a receptionist in a medical clinic.  She is originally from New Zealand and moved to Australia three years ago. Denby has had some interesting jobs including working on a deep sea trawler off the South island of NZ, owning and operating her own riding school, working in racehorse stables, droving in South West QLD, helping out friends in NZ on their dairies, sheep and cattle properties and managing the Ringers Western retail truck. Denby started campdrafting 18 months ago and has enjoyed some early success.  She has a goal to study psychology and wants to combine this with her passion for horses, applying her skills towards the mental health of children and young adults teaching them about relationships and the skills to help them throughout life, believing relationships with horses can play a big part in the learning process. Denby wants to be involved in promoting the great environment of campdrafts and how the sport benefits the wider community.

Sam Kerr (ACA Representative)

Hometown: Wellington Mills WA

Sam works as a Livestock Export and Production Officer, which involves compliance for three FJAS Feedlots and two export yards.  She has a Diploma in Equine Management.  Her sporting interests mostly revolve around horses, campdrafting, stockhorses, stockman’s challenges, although she is also part of the local hockey and football teams and helps coach the junior hockey team.  Sam is an active member of the Dardanup Campdraft Club and the SWWA Stockhorse Club, where she volunteers her time, as well as helping out at other events to raise funds for the Royal Flying Doctor Service.    Sam has an interest in beef cattle production and breeding Australian Stock Horses.  One of Sam’s goals is to make her Mum proud, as she has always encouraged Sam to take on the world.  Sam also wants to encourage young people to have the confidence put their hands up to help run and plan campdraft events and to try new things.

Laura Lawrence (ASHS Representative)

Hometown:Rosebrook NSW

Laura works as an Events, Conference and Accommodation Administrator/Social Media Account Manager at Willinga Park and is also studying Business Administration.  Laura is a fourth generation campdrafter and campdrafting is a huge part of her life.  Laura is a member of the Gresford Campdraft and Rodeo Committee.  She has volunteered from a very young age, alongside her family at many local rodeos, campdrafts and Stockhorse events, as well as judging for the Gresford Pony Club.  One of Laura’s riding goals is to one day win a lady rider title and to final in the ladies drafts at Condamine, Chinchilla and Warwick in the same year.  On a career level, Laura would like to move into a Management role.  Laura grew up in a rural environment and this has taught her many life lessons, such as being resilient in tough times and thankful in good times.  She has been amazed to watch the journey of the horse through her family’s breeding program, from inseminating mares, to foaling, to eventually becoming an open campdrafter.  Laura feels lucky to have be able to grow up being involved in the great family sport that is campdrafting and wants to keep giving back to the sport that has always been part of her life.

Katherine Noske (SCA Representative)

Hometown:Yerong Creek NSW

Katherine holds a Bachelor of Agricultural Science completing her studies at Charles Sturt University Wagga Wagga in 2018.  She currently works as a trainee farm manager on her family’s mixed farming enterprise while her family work off farm.  Apart from riding in stockhorse shows and campdrafts when she gets the chance, Katherine enjoys playing touch football and goes to the aerial gym.  Katherine lives in a small town which means everyone chips in to do their bit, which she has done from a very young age.  She is a member of the Yerong Creek Community Hall Committee, which involves cooking for the monthly fish and chip nights to raise funds for the community.  Katherine also helps out at the local school and volunteers and participates in local Remembrance and ANZAC day events. She is fairly new to campdrafting but has already volunteered at the Goulburn draft.  One of Katherine’s long term goals is to takeover the operation of the family farm.  She is keen to continue the farm production of prime lambs and to train quality working dogs through her on farm work.

Jasmine Pryor (GCA Representative)

Hometown: Denison VIC

Jasmine is a Registered Emergency and Acute Psychiatric Nurse at Latrobe Regional Hospital and loves that she gets to help and support people through her job.  She has worked on cattle stations in the NT and Gulf in QLD.  On her time off Jasmine is a keen campdrafter and takes part in stockman’s challenges.  Jasmine loves the great community environment of campdrafting and has made some strong friendships through the sport.   She volunteers her time as a First Aid Officer for GCA campdrafts.  Some of her career goals include attaining a Masters in Nursing Practice, becoming a Resuscitation Nurse and a recognised mental health advocate.  Her riding goals include winning a campdraft and a stockman’s challenge.  Jasmine wants to wants to make a difference to people’s lives through the sport she loves as well as give back to the community.

Lucy Sadler

Hometown: Willow Tree NSW

Lucy works at Gunnedah Shire Council as a People and Culture Trainee and is also studying Certificate IV in Human Resources.  She would like to pursue a career in Human Resources and Work Health and Safety. Lucy loves the sport of campdrafting and says “it is a great way to make lifelong friends”.  She volunteers her time a the Secretary of the Quirindi Rugby Club and is the Junior Treasurer of the Willow Tree Campdraft Committee, along with other local community youth groups.  Some of Lucy’s goals are to continue improving her riding skills and her horses, as well as investing in her own future by buying, fattening and selling beef cattle. She would also like to learn more about cattle management. Lucy is keen to raise awareness and funds for mental health and she wants to give back to those involved in campdrafting as well as the wider community, while gaining personal skills along the way.

Jess Smith (SCA Representative)

Hometown:Tamleugh VIC

Jess currently works as a horse breaker and is Mum to a “wild and wonderful” 16 month old girl.  Her horse breaking operation includes breaking and pretraining thoroughbreds for local racing stables as well as campdraft and general riding horses.  She has a Cert II Equine and Cert II Agriculture.  Jess is fairly new to campdrafting but volunteers at events, swinging gates, scoring for judges and doing the lunch and water runs for other volunteers at drafts, stockman’s challenges and cross country events.   Jess has a goal to become a reputable trainer of horses she has bred herself.  She would like to become a regular vendor at the Nutrien Classic, offering good quality horses.  Taking part in the trainer’s challenges at the Man from Snowy River Challenge and Equitana is also on her list as well as to bring home “any colour ribbon” from the Willinga Park Golden Buckle.  Jess and her partner, Sean currently lease 500 acres in Nth East Victoria growing out cross bred beef cattle as well as raising dairy and beef calves.  Jess has a passion for the land and livestock and would one day like to run her own small feedlot and angus cattle breeding operation.  Jess hopes to soon be able to donate cattle for some of her local drafts. Jess and her family have benefited from charities, following recent bushfires and drought and she wants to give back to charity by donating her time while setting an example for her young daughter.

Mariah Williams

Hometown: Delungra NSW

Mariah is a fulltime student in Tamworth, currently completing her HSC.  She also works at a number of part time jobs including at the IGA in Warialda, she cleans houses, does casual roustaboutting and other work during harvest.  She enjoys showing Stockhorses going to shows and competing in campdrafts.  Mariah is the 2020 ASHS Young Exchange Ambassador.  She is a volunteer for the Rural Fire Service, State Emergency Services and drought relief food shelter as well as participating in Operation Christmas Child Boxes through her school.  Mariah has a career goal of studying Radiography or a Biomedical Degree at University.  She would love to teach young children to ride and to breed her own horses.  She has an interest in livestock, planting and harvesting and hopes to use her skills on her own property one day.  Mariah wants to become involved in fundraising, while meeting new people along the way as well as learning all that is involved in raising funds for charities.

McKenna Weber (ABCRA representative)

Hometown:Guerie NSW

McKenna is a fulltime student and is completing her HSC and Cert III in Primary Industries.  She enjoys playing netball, touch football and campdrafting. From a young age, McKenna been involved in the Guerie Campdraft and Junior Rodeo Committees along with other family members.  Over the years McKenna has helped raise money for various charities by volunteering her time at various campdraft and rodeo events, as well as co-ordinating a fundraising cricket match at her school.  McKenna’s career goal is to complete a Bachelor Degree in Occupational Therapy and to be able to use her skills in a rural community.  McKenna lives with her family on their property at Guerie raising beef and sheep and growing wheat.  McKenna would like to give back to the community and to promote the wellbeing of individuals who may be struggling and not as fortunate as others, believing the smallest gesture could change someone’s life.

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