Katie de Jong is a Veterinary Medicine Student from Manilla, NSW. A third generation Australian Stock Horse breeder at “Ophir Stock Horses,” Katie has campdrafting in her blood. The first day she came home from the hospital, her parents Darren and Kathy de Jong had her on the back of a horse, and she basically hasn’t left that spot since! Katie has 2 National ABCRA Australian titles, including 2014 All Round Campdraft Horse, with her family’s mare Ophir Anita. After school Katie spent 2 years in North America with her partner Phil Main, working for cutting trainer Dustin Gonnet, and then spending 6 months with Dan James.

In 2018 Katie entered the Classic Ladies Foundation Young Ambassador quest, and it was the best possible decision. Not only meeting the girls from all over the country, but being immersed into this team of incredible role models, who handle every situation with integrity and professionalism, carelessly donating their time to benefit those in need.

I look forward to learning more from each and every one of these incredible ladies, to helping in every way I can to make a difference, and hopefully show others who we want to be, as the next generation of strong and wilful campdraft women.