Farmer’s wife and mother of two, Shannon lives on the Loddon River near Bridgewater north-west of Bendigo, Victoria. She is a lover of campdrafting, chocolate and rum, not always in that order, and has married more than two dozen people!

With a degree in agricultural science and a few other graduate qualifications Shannon has enjoyed an unconventional but interesting career path so far with job titles including facilitator, strategic planner, marketing manager, magazine editor, marriage celebrant (hence all the marriages) and graphic designer.

Nowadays Shannon does a few odd jobs on the computer, ‘helps’ (ie. mostly breaks things) on the farm and volunteers in her local community. She is a founder of the annual ladies-only Campdraft clinic ‘Women In Campdrafting’ that raises skills & confidence of women and money for charity.

Shannon creates all our logos, posters and ads for the Classic Ladies Foundation and she feels very fortunate to work with such an inspiring, generous and motivated team to raise money for important causes that benefit rural Australians.