Original committee celebrating 10 years of WIC at Wilby Vic last year.
L-R Shannon Brown, Kerrie Pollock, Wendy Atkinson, Gina Lincoln, Leonie Wilson, Sally Dickinson

The Women in Campdrafting movement was developed over 10 years ago by 6 enthusiastic & passionate women that had a common interest in Campdrafting & the health & well being needs of their fellow riders. The Classic Ladies Foundation would like to congratulate this group for their exceptional work for the past 10 years as we look forward to being the new custodians of this exceptionally popular event on the Campdraft calendar. Whilst hosting this event the former committee have also raised $140, 000 for the McGrath Foundation – an outstanding effort.

What is Women in Campdrafting?

WIC is first and foremost a weekend campdrafting event for women over 18 that helps to improve their campdrafting skills in a supportive and non-threatening atmosphere.

WIC Clinics aim to:

  • Celebrate and recognise the unique contribution women make to the sport;
  • Acknowledge obstacles women face to participate & to achieve success;
  • Create a safe and comfortable environment;
  • Build support networks;
  • Increase self-confidence;
  • Improve skills;
  • Be inspired; and
  • Did we mention fun – WIC aims to have a lot of fun too.

Women in Campdrafting also aims to raise money for the McGrath Foundation, raises ‘breast awareness’ and raises awareness of women’s health. Sounds awesome doesn’t it – we think so.